Annapurna Mantra: Attract Abundance into your Life

Law of Attraction is one of the most widely used concepts in today’s era. People are very fond of the concept because they are able to get desired results. However, there are times when they are unable to attract the abundance they truly desire and also deserve due to their hard efforts. This is the time when they get really frustrated because despite all the gratitude they offer to the Universe, the Divine Timing just doesn’t seem to be coming.

If you have given hopes on your hard efforts, there is one thing we would insist you to do for one last time – have faith in Annapurna Mata and her Mantra.

Annapurna Mata

Annapurna Mata:

Annapurna is one of the forms of Mata Parvati, who is the Shakti of Lord Shiva. The word Anna means food, whereas the second word Purna means full. Annapurna Devi has a bowl of grains in her hand. In the other hand, she has a golden ladle; this symbolizes her abundant nourishing nature. She is said to be the Mother Goddess of each one of us. Therefore, those who seek abundance must connect with her and please her by chanting her Mantra.


  1. This mantra promises to bring abundance of materialistic wealth into an individual’s life.
  2. There would never be any lack of food at your place if you constantly chant Annapurna Mantra.
  3. It is said that if you chant Annapurna Mantra while making the food, or at least before cooking, you make amazing food.
  4. The Mantra mentioned in this article has proven to be beneficial in boosting the manifestation process. If you have a wish of materialistic gains, you can chant this Mantra and gain benefits.


Annapurne Sada Poorne Shankarpraanavallabhe |

Gyaanvairaagyasiddha Bhiksha Dehi Ch Paarvati ||


  1. Take a bath and sit in your prayer room.
  2. Place a picture of Annapurna Mata in front of you.
  3. Get your Jaap Mala and chant the mentioned Mantra for 108 times.
  4. At the end, make a wish and visualize.
  5. Repeat the above process for at least 11 days.




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